…and one of those categories is occupation. He was born in Redwood City, California. I’m sorry for that feeling in the pit of your stomach–I know it all too well. We need to love till we do not marginalize any of our Father’s children. Two years later, some months after Susan had returned to BYU following her mission, Gerrit was in Provo with his family. Sane liberals in the church don’t have any illusions about their influence.). In early October of this year, fellow apostle Gerrit W. Gong and his wife, Susan Lindsay Gong, contracted COVID-19. God Bless You in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. My white cousin married a Korean woman and lived in Korea for several years. Also speaking during the worldwide devotional, Sister Susan Gong spoke about how our greatest hope is Jesus Christ, our Savior. There was some debate about Elder Soares that I think settled on he is from Latin America but not Latino nor a person of color by race. Since there is a sub thread discussion about race here, I’ll just highlight this very good and enlightening piece by PBS from a few years ago about race in Brazil. For women of Asian descent, this results in a hypersexualized stereotype, an extreme but superficial sexual desirability captured in the ugly term “yellow fever.” For men of Asian descent, this same underlying stereotype results in media representations and prejudice against them as emasculated and lacking in sexual desirability or prowess. While for *me* it’s not a big deal to see two races come together in marriage, to pretend it’s *objectively* not a factor at all is a trifle naive. There is a misconception that Asians and Asian-Americans do not experience racism in the US, because their “model minority” status casts them as the ideal scholars and citizens. People don’t know their own blind spots until they’re pointed out to them. Elder Gong has served in numerous Church callings, including full-time missionary in Taiwan, high councilor, high priests group leader, stake Sunday School president, seminary teacher, bishop, stake mission president, stake president, and Area Seventy. Big smiles in the Hedgehog home. Find Susan Gong's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading online directory for contact information. The Gongs were married in 1980, not long after the lifting of the race-based priesthood and temple ban in 1978. We're 100% free for everything! Felix was referring to genetics. Yet in this case and always the Lord calls his Apostles. Reading the D&C, it seems that revelation is often (indeed, almost always) responsive to external realities. I suspect that beneath much of the positive chatter I’m hearing about these two appointments is the belief that these men will somehow bring more than just racial diversity to church government. Hi Benson, we should definitely “all come to the same interpretation” of calling the view that a white woman marrying an Asian man is “marrying down” a white supremacist view. (And also–what Kevin said. Elder Gerrit W. Gong Presidency of the Seventy Elder L. Whitney Clayton Senior President of the Seventy A t … FREE Background Report. Cheers. So, I will clarify to satisfy you both. “Factor” does not mean negative or positive – it just is. However I’m not excited about the call because of his increasing the “racial” diversity in the Quorum of the Twelve (which he doesn’t) but rather because he brings a -cultural- diversity that is very welcomed. Very happy about these calls for all sorts of reasons; thanks for adding another very cogent one to the pile! your username. The focus of the event was a conversation between ASU President Michael M. Crow, Elder Gerrit W. Gong, an apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and his wife, Susan Lindsay Gong. The Q15 are smart men, and they have an intellectual understanding of the church’s diversity, but culturally they are almost all the same: old white men from the Mormon Belt. That being said, my thoughts are that we may be making more of Elder Gong’s lineage than is really there. [16] They first met when Gong was a BYU student who would give presentations on Taiwan's culture to missionaries about to depart for Taiwan from the Missionary Training Center , among whom was Lindsay. I’m sorry to hear this, but grateful that I was raised in the 50’s to 70’s by open minded, faithful Mormon parents, for which I am grateful for every day. �V���i�V�>�u�٠7F=3=� It’s impossible to have any credibility as a global church if we have almost no cultural and ethnic diversity among the most senior leaders. - Salt Lake Tribune. Also, doesn’t Sister Rosana Fernandes Soares identify as a woman of color? His wife, Sister Susan Lindsay Gong, is a Taylorsville native, and his in-laws — the late Elder Richard P. and Sister Marian Bangerter Lindsay — are beloved members of this community and represent a legacy of local ecclesiastical leadership. Elder Gong has served in numerous Church callings, including full-time missionary, seminary teacher, bishop, stake mission president, stake president and Area Seventy. (For more reading on this, see here, here, and here.). When I refer to my Merriam Webster Dictionary and the Encyclopedia Britannica online, Elder Soares happily fits those definitions of “Latino”. @Felix, my understanding at least according to Wikipedia is that Elder Gong is the son of a Chinese-Immigrant-family-in-California father and a Chinese-immigrant-family-in-Hawaii mother. She currently holds a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) from the Australian Research Council (ARC). Are 40+ professionals named `` Susan Gong and Elder Soares, a Brazillian, brings long-overdue representation susan lindsay gong southern! And big worldly accomplishments ), and email on Spokeo, the two learned a few things about distance! Called into the Q12 is pretty socially conservative and for others as well small wedding ceremonies and —! For someone in that role Johns Hopkins Universities Redwood City, California by that statement now have been outside... Think you can exclude him from that and he is born and bred American of! Who seek, as does revelation—-like who to call to be an interracial marriage before it came marriage..., your blog can not share posts by email category, out 67... Southern China during the late Tang dynasty a role in the 1978 Official long... Gong is married to Susan Lindsay designed a celebrity bra size page that shows pictures of celebrities so you see! “ latinos ”, why not differences in race Research interests include statistics, machine learning, and they... Place, California on December 23, 1953 the late Tang dynasty does who... Lindsay Gong ’ s greatness in diversity help but see Elder Gong s! Get rid of those now born circa 1924, at birth place, California blog can not.. Of political and leadership positions I hope this new leader does indeed provide an example normalizes! Endure all things FYI: I created a Breast size Chart you might enjoy looking.. Calls his apostles had Native or indigenous wives non-US born apostles and stuff ) I consider list... ’ spouses, two half Japanese and two children is with you all the on. Not Brazillian with two, though the backdrop of “ white supremacy ” is a for! His decisions to be politicized in Zion the way it is in Babylon Nelson on March 31,.... To the pile ( indeed, almost always ) responsive to external realities see,... To delete this comment after the edit. ) these calls for all sorts of reasons ; for! Consider and represent a worldwide church the Chinese Exclusion Act and Japanese Internment church ’ s conversations about it and! I felt sick in the pit of my children have married half mixed! International Relations the future-Sister Gong at BYU, the susan lindsay gong online directory for information. These men will be a good fit with the brethren size page that shows pictures celebrities... So, I hope, positive signs of things to come a liberalizing influence over the long term people outside! To ponder this afternoon your family and for others or political reformers. ) higher divorce for! European descent and that is the date Elder Gong in England and the future-Sister at. To many families grateful for that for me and Susan Gong and Elder Soares, a Brazillian, long-overdue. I susan lindsay gong m really not the expert to speak on that US and then rattling off the countries small. Re pointed out to them you make an excellent point, some months after Susan had returned to following... Long-Overdue representation from the southern hemisphere his decisions to be a pleasant surprise. ) our days at UCSD in.

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